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Mudar é bom. O que acontece quando a mudança é CONSTANTE?

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  • Mudar é bom. O que acontece quando a mudança é CONSTANTE?

    Postado originalmente por newsarama

    by Michael San Giacomo

    I have a dream, which is an appropriate thing to say during the recently concluded Black History Month. Give me a day leeway, okay?

    Though my dream is a little different from Martin Luther King’s.

    I have a dream that Marvel will be able to pull together all its disparate, raggedy-edged storylines into a whole, complete, satisfying finale.

    Call me crazy, but wouldn't it be magnificent to read a giant series of stories that provides a satisfactory ending to the Civil War, the fate of the Hulk, the Secret Invasion and Spider-Man's One More/Brand New Day?

    I mean, really, everything interacts so such a story would make sense.

    Spider-Man is back in the Avengers, but I don't think we've ever gotten a clear story on how Mephisto (if it really was Mephisto) reversed that whole secret identity revelation kerfluffle. As readers have so eloquently noted, BND is a Big Nasty Disaster in terms of continuity.

    (Posters, this is your cue to go into the whole "if this happened, then that happened" thing.)

    Rather than writers doing their own books with occasional nods to other books (although more and more, we're seeing characters that act vastly different between titles - are we to suspect that one version is a Skrull, but another version isn't?), how about one coherent story that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together?

    Can Brian Bendis be the Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison (not that they don’t have a difficult enough task with DC Universe #0 and Final Crisis, and talking about DC issues is a column in and of itself) of the Marvel Universe and pull all thing together? Brian, put that down, don't throw that computer!

    I'm enjoying the work from Marvel, but before we go all Skrull-y, shouldn’t we finish what’s on our plate?

    Is Tony Stark just being himself or is there more to the story? Whatever happened to the Black Panther’s plan to unite the world against America over the Superhero Registration issue? How will the underground superheroes reconcile with the government? Or will they ever reconcile? Is Captain America really dead? I mean, really really dead? What's the future for The Hulk, green red or otherwise?

    The only solution I can see, beyond some massive time-travel storyline, is electing Tony Stark president. Then he could void the registration legislation, or make it less onerous, and get all the heroes on board to fight off the Skrull invasion. Toss in a pardon for the Hulk and a cabinet position for Reed Richards and we’re done.

    Point is, we need resolutions, and then we can move on.

    Roger Priebe, the guy I do a weekly comics-oriented cable television show with here in Cleveburg, ( has this theory that Joe Quesada is a genius.

    Roger believes that there's no way Quesada could have seriously screwed with Spider-Man as he did in One More Day and Brand New Day. He believes Joe is just "having us on," setting us up for some brilliant, massive storyline that will make everything that has happened in the past year logical.

    First I thought he was crazy, now I really hope he's right.

    Otherwise, Marvel is just jumping from event to event with no thought toward the big picture. I would like to think that somewhere down the road, hopefully within walking distance, is a storyline that will resolve everything.

    Look, I love change and suspense as much as anyone, but these plotlines have been in play for quite a while and it’s time to bring it all back home.

    Otherwise, we're just getting a comic version of Lost.

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