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[CÓPIA DESLAVADA NEWS] Quarteto Fantástoco da DC?

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  • [CÓPIA DESLAVADA NEWS] Quarteto Fantástoco da DC?



    As we mentioned in our coverage on Saturday from DC’s RRP meeting, J. Torres will launch a new six issue miniseries in June titled The Family Dynamic. In this case, the title’s a pretty accurate descriptor – Torres’ Family Dynamic is just that – a family of super-heroes.

    We spoke with Torres to find out more about the miniseries.

    Newsarama: J., let's start on the ground floor. What is The Family Dynamic in your words?

    J. Torres: Well, the first thing I should say is that while Dan announced it at RRP this weekend at the same time as DCU #0, Trinity, etc. no, Family Dynamic isn't part of those "big events." It's a "big event" in my life, and I'm thankful for the attention and exposure it's getting because of this weekend's other DC announcements, but sorry no, it's not about the Marvel Family as some fans have speculated and even e-mailed me about. I want to thank Dan for including us in all of those exciting announcements and I hope retailers and fans are taking note. I like to see our inclusion in all of that as a certain show of confidence in the project and that Dan's telling everyone to buy this book. Look, they even priced DCU #0 at fifty cents so you'd all have money left over to buy Family Dynamic #1. [laughs]

    That said, Family Dynamic is a six-issue miniseries I'm working on with Tim Levins (penciller), Dan Davis (inker), Dave McCaig (colorist), and Adam Schlagman (editor). It's quite a "big event" for me because it's my first creator owned book at DC, plus it's a "reunion project" for me and Tim as we started out in comics together many years ago on a comic called Copybook Tales. Back then we were a couple of college students trying to break into the industry with a minicomic about comic book wannabes, and now we're both married with a kid each and working together on a miniseries about a superhero family. It comes full circle rather nicely...

    NRAMA: How did this get started? What was the spark for the story and the miniseries?

    JT: If I think back, I believe it started with this team of villains I created for a book that I was working on with Jason Bone several years ago called Alison Dare. It was a team of elementals called Fuego, Agua, Gust and Dust. Don't think that ever went anywhere, but somewhere along the way they become a family of good guys in my head. I slowly fleshed out their backstory, adding power rings, an arch-nemesis, etc. and then... The Incredibles came out so I ended up shelving the idea for a few years.

    NRAMA: Right – so you’ve got a family here…the Spencers – the four classical “elements.” How did they get them?

    JT: From the aforementioned power rings. But prior to the current team led by Sloan Spencer, his father Sam led the first team of his generation back in the ‘60s. Three from that first team died at the hands of a villain named Dark Wraith, and Sam retired shortly thereafter and put the rings out of commission, as it were. However, when the Dark Wraith returned for him later on, Sloan and his family used the rings to save gramps. When our story opens, Sloan's family has been the new Family Dynamic for only about a year.

    NRAMA: Can you give us a quick character sketch/biography of each of the four?

    JT: Sloan, a.k.a. Pyralis the fire elemental, is the dad and leader of the team. He's an army recruiter by day and tries to run the team almost like his own little unit. Gina, a.k.a. Sirocco the air elemental, is the mom and she's a homemaker, the peacekeeper, and the one who keeps the family from becoming too dysfunctional. The kids are Luca (mid-teens), a.k.a. Troylus the water elemental, and Gio (early teens), a.k.a. Terran the earth elemental. The older one is a music lover who takes after his Aunt Maeve (who owns a record company) more than anyone else, while the baby of the family tries to take after his dad and has a love of corn dogs.

    NRAMA: There are other families in heroic situations in comics. What sets the Family Dynamic apart from the Fantastic Four to Astro City's First Family?

    JT: While we play with certain archetypes, and not just the Marvel ones, much like Astro City we also try and expand on certain themes and add elements (no pun intended) like the extended family, connections to the previous generation, the "dynamics" between siblings and half-siblings and cousins all within a superhero context. For example, while we have our quartet, there's also a female dynamic duo called Blackbird and Little Wing that's "part of the family." The Dynamics' powers are also tied into myth and magic, and we have some fun those elements.

    NRAMA: Where do the Spencers live? And as you said, there are other individuals with super powers in their world?

    JT: They live in Storm City, a fictional Canadian metropolis. There are other superheroes in the are, like the aforementioned duo, but we also meet one neighbor from the south, a superhero named Defender who hails from "Motor City." There are also other heroes in the Dynamics' past like the first elemental team and the Wu Xing Clan from China who we'll hear about in the story.

    NRAMA: Who are their opposite numbers?

    JT: Their main baddie is the Dark Wraith who's been haunting the family for decades. This again ties into the generational elements we're playing with within the whole superhero family "genre," themes of legacy and "sins of the father" visiting the son, etc. We're trying to make it intriguing and mysterious, and hopefully readers have fun with some of the twists and turns we've set up.

    NRAMA: How's working with Tim again on this?

    ,b>JT: It's been a lot of fun jamming with Tim again. Going back and forth trying to establish our backstory, the designs, and so on with our editor Adam's input has been a lot of work but it's also been very rewarding. I'm really excited to see how people react to what we've come up with. I think it's some of Tim's best work ever and I'm really enjoying writing this, which I think will show in the work.

    NRAMA: Speaking of family again, what is the overall family dynamic of the Family Dynamic? How do they get along?

    JT: Well, when the story opens they're in the middle of a feud. Sloan and his younger sister Maeve have had a falling out and it's split the family. The two of them have butted heads over certain issues all their lives, see. His sons go to school with her daughter, Makenzie, plus they're not only cousins but they're good friends and that makes things quite awkward. So, never mind how this fighting messes up Thanksgiving dinner plans, imagine how this affects a family that's also a crime-fighting team.

    NRAMA: Let’s close this with a tease J – how does the mini’s story get rolling with Family Dynamic #1?

    JT: We hit the ground running with #1 and meet not only the Dynamics, but also Defender, and eventually Blackbird and Little Wing as well as their arch-enemies Tragedy Ann and Tom Foolery. We find out that various members of the family aren't on speaking teams because of certain secrets they've kept from each other, and that sets up the action and adventure and the drama for the rest of the series. I really hope people check it out!

    Família Dinâmica é o meu Pirú!

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                      Postado originalmente por Adrian Veidt


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