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[Desenhos BONYTOS News]Preview de HULK 100: SPOILERS!!!

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  • [Desenhos BONYTOS News]Preview de HULK 100: SPOILERS!!!

    Capa do Michael Turner

    O desenho ficou legal, mas me dá muita ânsia esses desenhistas que enchem os personagens com veias quase estourando !!!


    Agora as páginas desenhadas pelo Gary Frank:

    Arte ANYMAL!!!

    Boto muita fé em Planet Hulk, que retorna com o BOM e VELHO HULK ESMAGA!!! (Não que a fase do Bruce Jones seja ruim; eu pelo menos gosto muito)

    Agora o Hulk participará da Civil War e futuramente do MEGA-EVENTO MARVEL 2007: WORLD WAR HULK!!!

    Finalmente o Verdão voltou a ter o destaque que merece no Universo Marvel!!!
    Agora a entrevista do Greg Pak:

    In a world of "been there, done that, seen it all before" - an attitude that is magnified a thousand-fold by comic fans, next month will see an actual first - the first Incredible Hulk #100 (check the numbering of the original volume). And, appropriately enough, it's a turning point in the current Planet Hulk storyline that marks the 2/3rds point, and starts the ball rolling to its inevitable conclusion.
    Last week, Marvel invited a handful of members from the press to take part in a podcast recording with Hulk writer Greg Pak, and he laid things out.

    "I was just able to read through it the other day, and it's in my humble opinion, mindblowing. The art is through the roof, and the story is going in places which, I think, will be pretty surprising - and we not only have the next chapter in the Planet Hulk storyline staring, but there's also a backup story which takes place on earth and finally is going to show someone discover what's been going on with the Hulk."

    And yes, it takes place during Civil War, so technically, Incredible Hulk #100 is a Civil War tie in.

    Back to Pak…

    "'Planet Hulk: Exile' ran from issues #92 - #95, wherein the Hulk went from being a slave on this planet to being a gladiator - and then busted loose," Pak explained. "'Anarchy' is currently running, from #96-#99; and that's where the Hulk becomes a rebel and gradually begins to - not just smash things, but begins to realizes there's a reason to smash things on this planet. He pulls together a crew of rebels and forms an alliance - which is very unusual for the Hulk, but he's on a planet where his rage and strength have become virtues, and the people need him. Step by step, he may be stepping up to that responsibility. Of course, you never know with the Hulk - is he a hero or a monster?

    'Allegiance' is the next arc, and that starts with #100, and this is where we start to see these groups come together, and we start to see whether the Hulk is going to be the hero on this planet, or if he's going to tear everything down. In the mythology of this planet, is he going to be the savior or the worldbreaker?"

    Issue #100 also marks the return of artist Carlo Pagulayan to The Incredible Hulk who hasn't been seen round about these parts since the "Exile" arc. Pagulayan and current penciler Aaron Lopresti will tag-team on the art chores on the final arc, but speaking of art for #100, the issue will also contain a back-up story penciled by Gary Frank.

    According to Marvel, the backup story will explore whether or not the Illuminati was justified in sending the Hulk into space. "Why the Hulk? Did he deserve that?" Pak asked rhetorically. "Is he really a monster? These questions are going to be put to some of these decision makers in a pretty interesting way. There are some great moments in the Hulk's history that we're going to see depicted in a very interesting way, and Gary is just through the roof with this."

    Though the backup story (which will also offer some more information about the Thor clone from Civil War #3-#4) touches on Civil War-related events, Pak said that the seeds to next year's World War Hulk miniseries will also be planted in the issue.

    "Planet Hulk ends with issue #105 of Incredible Hulk, and launches immediately into World War Hulk, wherein the next big step with whatever is going to happen with the Hulk is going to happen," Pak explained. "Gary will be drawing the Incredible Hulk issues while John Romita Jr. will draw the World War Hulk miniseries, which starts in May. The Incredible Hulk issues at the same time will tie in with the miniseries."

    Moving on to the questions and answer portion of the podcast recording:

    Is it difficult to portray the Hulk as more than just an unthinking brute?

    Pak: "There've been many different versions of the Hulk, and many different "classic" versions of the Hulk. A lot of us grew up watching the silent, 'monstrous' Hulk on the television show; we're all familiar with the Hulk Smash! Kind of caveman-talk Hulk, and of course, Peter David went nuts with many different incarnations of the Hulk.

    "When you look at the original Hulk, in those first six issues, the Hulk that we're dealing with now, this savage, but savvy Hulk - he's mean, he's smart, and he's angry - that Hulk has his roots in the first six issues of The Incredible Hulk. The Hulk in those issues was talking in full sentences, he was mean, and he was smashing things right and left. You never quite knew if he was a hero or if he was a monster. The nice thing is we're able to work within a great tradition - it's not like we decided we were going to throw away everything the Hulk has been and do something different. This is part of the Hulk.

    "It makes for a great character - the argument could be that as Bruce Banner and the Hulk go through different periods in their shared life, there are different emotional problems that they're grappling with, and as a result, the Hulk is manifesting in slightly different ways. But the same central question remains the same, which is: the price of anger. The Hulk cuts loose and goes nuts - that's cathartic and great, and sometimes that's exactly what we all want to see happen, but what's the cost of that? There are different ways you can explore that, and one of the things I love about the Hulk is that there is this tradition of exploring this character in many different ways.

    "The answer is that the character allows for this kind of exploration, and this was the right time to jump on this version of the character. It was time for the Hulk to cut loose. It was time for the Hulk to be the Hulk and smash things. And it was also time for the Hulk to be confronted with real moral and emotional challenges. He's in an environment where he can cut loose, and he wants to cut loose, but maybe there's a reason for him to do it. This version of the Hulk is a version that's smart enough, and one that knows exactly what he's doing when he does it, and he has to take responsibility for that. He's not just a mindless Hulk who's smashing things with no character development. This is a Hulk who's actually developing, and it was the right time for that. I feel really lucky that I was able to come on board when these were options that we could do this kind of thing with the character."

    Are there any alien characters from Planet Hulk that you've grown fond of?

    Pak: "Oh yeah - the Hulk has a posse. There are a few characters that I just love - Korg is probably one of my favorites - a stone man. Back in one of the very first appearances of Thor, his opponents were the Stone Men from Saturn, who were these big, rocky guys with these Easter Island shaped heads, and they were villains. On Planet Hulk, I was thinking who should be on this planet with him, and Korg was a perfect character to play with. He's rooted in Marvel mythology, and it was a fun way that we could take his story - his fight with Thor - and look at it in a different way. What if Korg was a good guy?

    "I also love Korg because he is a rock - and we all need "rocks" in our lives. He knows what life is about in a way, and for some reason I just love writing him. Another reason I've fallen in love with him is due to how Carlo and Aaron draw him. They both give him this gravity about him - there's this depth and sadness in his eyes that really works.

    "Similarly, when they're drawing Miek - in those first four issues, Carlo was drawing all these crazy facial expressions for Miek, and they were all really fun. As a result, Meek got all these one-liners. The scenes would be capped off by these lines from Miek, just because Carlos would draw him in this funny way in the corner.

    "Those are the two I've had fun with, although the character that I'm most excited about right now is the lieutenant, the Oldstrong. She began as the Red King's personal bodyguard, and as the story progresses, her allegiances are shifting in pretty surprising ways, and she's going to be a huge player as the story progresses."

    When will see a return of Bruce Banner, and will he be affected by the events of Planet Hulk?

    Pak: "Yes. I can't say too much more, but Banner has not been forgotten. We haven't seen that much face time with Banner - we've seen him mentioned a number of times, and we got to see him appear in the flesh in Giant-Size Hulk's backup story, but on a day to day basis, Banner's not running around Planet Hulk. If he did, clearly, he would not last long.

    "But as for the Banner-Hulk relationship, we're building up all kinds of things with that - we haven't forgotten it by any means, and all of this is building up to a pretty mind-blowing climax with the Banner-Hulk relationship. Some pretty good Banner stuff is coming up in issues #103 and #105 - you may want to keep your eyes open for that."

    Are the backup stories in Hulk #100 [ Incredible Hulk #3, #152 and #300] relevant to the Planet Hulk storyline?

    Pak: "Yes. I think Tom Breevort was the person who picked the backups, and did a great job with that. Issue #300 is a Bill Mantlo written comic from 1984 and that is absolutely germane to all of this. That's the story that preceded Dr. Strange exiling the Hulk the first time around. Back during that story - the Hulk was driven insane by Nightmare, and tore up Manhattan and all the major characters in the Marvel Universe as well. It's just nuts. It climaxed with Dr. Strange exiling Hulk to the Crossroads, which was this amazing 13 issue arc that Bill Mantlo wrote, which in many ways is a precedent to what we're doing. I think of it like The Twilight Zone for the Hulk, where he was thrust into different universes, and they were almost like fables that explored how the Hulk would live in certain places and under certain conditions.

    "We're taking some of those same themes, and are doing it on a single world, but tackling some of those same questions, albeit in a different genre. So - issue #300, which is a giant smash-fest may be a little bit of a teaser for World War Hulk…but it also fits into the whole theme of exile and is the Hulk a hero or monster?

    The other issue is #152, and I believe that's the trial of the Incredible Hulk. And there, again, it's some of the same kinds of themes - Marvel Heroes passing judgment on the Hulk. Did they make the right decision? Does anybody really understand the Hulk? And who is the Hulk, a hero or a monster? Those are some of the same themes that will be explored in the back up story in #100 that Gray Frank illustrated.

    "So they all pull together in a nice, thematic way."

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    Não estou acompanhando Planet Hulk, mas achei os desenhos sensacionais.

    E um desses aliens aí parece ser um inseto da raça do Annihilus.


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      Destaque obviamente os desenhos fuderosos do Gary Frank. Pena que a Marvel não prestigia esse título a ponto de coloca-lo novamente a cargo dos desenhos, porque esses desenhos do Carlo Pagulayan estão MUITO RUINS.


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        Só curti a arte do Gary Frank. A capa do Turner e a outra arte interna tão ruinzinhas...


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          No desenho do Turner parece que tem uma trepadeira nascendo no braço do Hulk.


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            Em planet Hulj,o Hulk nao volta aser o "Hulk esmaga".
            E duvido q ele volte ainda em Civil War.
            E Gary Frank vai ser o desenhista do titulo depois da 100,nao sei em q numero.
            fotografia é desenho de luz


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              To botando fé nesse titulo.

              P.S: O Lopes já decretou. Planet Hulk saira em UM infelizmente. O Verdão tá com a moral tão baixa, q nem uma mini ele tá sustentando.


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                o que que tem sair em mini ou na putaqueopariu? vc não vai ler de qualquer jeito?

                os nerdys estão FUDIDOS com o novo fórum...vai ser tolerância ZERO!


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                  HULK ESMAGA HOMEMZINHOS!!!!


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                    Até agora, TODO MUNDO que eu conheço que ta lendo Planet Hulk me falou muito bem da saga, parece que o Park ta arrasando mesmo.

                    E quando ele voltar, o Stark tá fudido...
                    "I killed every living thing on Czarnia fer fun. I killed Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny an' things that don't even exist, an' so help me, I tried ta follow th' triple-fold path o' peace. I tried my best... but frag me for a bastich, even I got limits!"


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                      Re: [Desenhos BONYTOS News]Preview de HULK 100: SPOILERS!!!

                      Postado originalmente por FLUFFY
                      Capa do Michael Turner

                      O desenho ficou legal, mas me dá muita ânsia esses desenhistas que enchem os personagens com veias quase estourando !!!
                      Veias? Parecem mais raízes...
                      Here we are, born to be kings
                      We're the princes of the universe
                      Here we belong, fighting to survive
                      In a world with the darkest powers...


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                        Gary Frank na arte do Hulk é o começo da salvação.
                        PROTETORES NACIONAIS:


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                          Postado originalmente por MAGUS
                          Gary Frank na arte do Hulk é o começo da salvação.
                          Voto com o relator.

                          Acho que vou chorar....
                          "O meu segredo é que estou sempre com raiva."

                          Bruce Banner


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                            A única coisa que presta é a capa!!!


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                              Planet Hulk está muito bom.
                              Quase ótimo.