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NEW FRONTIER SPECIAL: Darkwing Duck escreve uma continuação!

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  • NEW FRONTIER SPECIAL: Darkwing Duck escreve uma continuação!

    Em março de 2008 a DC lançará Justice League: The New Frontier Special, uma revista de 48 páginas (sem contar as propagandas) coletando várias histórias escritas por Darwyn Cooke, J. Bone e David Bullock, incluindo “New Frontier: The Lost Chapter”, que mostra a batalha envolvendo Superman e Batman. Outros personagens também terão destaque garantido, como Mulher Maravilha, Canário Negro, Robin, Sargento Rock e outros.

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    Cofre certo.
    Nova Fronteira é uma das melhores séries da DC dos últimos tempos ao lado da atual fase dos Lanternas Verdes.
    Fala Bandana


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      Newsarama: What brought this special about? Obviously, since its publication, there have been fans screaming for a return to the New Frontier universe, and DC has even officially added it as one of the 52 universes. Had you been thinking of returning previous to this, or was this the first time you seriously entertained the idea?

      Darwyn Cooke: Actually, this is the second time its worked out. I did do a short New Frontier story in my issue of Solo featuring King Faraday. There were other New Frontier projects I pitched DC that never happened. J. Bone and I were well into a one shot that would have introduced Black Canary to the New Frontier universe when Editorial killed it. There was also my concept for a SHIELD style ongoing that would have brought Faraday into the DCU in a major way...that didn't get off the launch pad either. So I've not been adverse to doing NF related projects, it just hasn't worked out. The DVD release made for an obvious reason to do a special of some sort.

      NRAMA: Did, or do you have any concerns about revisiting the world in this larger fashion? After all, the original story is something that's been so acclaimed and beloved by fans and critics...did you have your moment similar to Harrison Ford, wondering if he should go back as Indy?

      DC: Yes and no, I suppose. I would be very reluctant to go back to New Frontier in a broad or "major" way. I have become quite comfortable with it standing alone as a story. That being said, I seem to enjoy telling smaller stories that refer to the main work or have a
      tangential appeal.

      NRAMA: So what's in this special? When's it set relative to the original story?

      DC: The special will be a special in that old school way. It will have a small connecting story and the conceit is that these are untold events that the government classified back in the early sixties. There are three stories in the special. The main story is something I call Chapter X, and it is the story behind the big Batman/Superman fight hoax referred to in New Frontier. In the book we only deal with that event as a squib in a magazine article along with on shot of them brawling. This 22 page story will tell about what leads up to the two fighting, and how they choose to resolve it. A host of our Frontier cast are in this story, from King Faraday and the Suicide Squad through to Wonder Woman and Hourman. We also get to meet the New Frontier Alfred.

      Imagine the thrills!

      By the way, for anyone who may be out there rolling their eyes about a Superman Batman punch up, all I can say is suck it up. I am going to kick the hell out of those two. There is a major surprise in the story, and an element to their fight that hasn't been alluded to in any form. The story twist and climax will add to any New Frontier fan's appreciation of the main story. I'll be writing and drawing this one.

      Following that will be two short stories written by myself and featuring art by two of New Frontier's alumni. J. Bone and I are tackling Wonder Woman, Black Canary and old school chauvinism in an New Frontier parody along the lines of the old Kurtzman/Wood Mad satires. The director of the NFDVD is a talented young man named David Bullock. He and I are tackling a short that features Robin and Kid Flash up against Red saboteurs. Of course my men Dave Stewart and Jared Fletcher will also be on board for color and lettering.

      NRAMA: What led to you picking these particular characters for the stories?

      DC: The main story is simply a great choice for me to have fun with and to flesh out the New Frontier world for fans of the book. The characters kind of choose themselves in a Batman/Superman match-up. J. Bone loves Canary and Wonder Woman and David thought it would be fun to explore the New Frontier Robin a bit. Its meant to be a fun mix as opposed to a heavy bunch of stories.

      NRAMA: The stories that are here - were these nuggets that you had in mind back when you were working on the original, or are they all new, created whole cloth once you were giving the canvas of the Special to work on?

      DC: The main story has its roots in the initial outline of New Frontier, but that was only a skeleton I've since dressed with situations and characters I've come to know much better. The two shorts were developed specifically with J. and David, to showcase their strengths and to add variety to the mix.

      NRAMA: We'll talk about the movie version shortly, but what did working on the movie do for you, creatively when it came to the Special and New Frontier? Did it say, re-spark or sharpen an interest in going back into the world, or push it off to arm's length as "just a job?"

      DC: I am dedicated to be as involved as I possibly can in any project that has sprung out of the New Frontier world. As much as there are times I'd like to, I've never been able to see New Frontier as just a job. We're far enough down the road that if it has the “New Frontier” brand on it, it has to be as good as we can build it.

      NRAMA: Is the Special related to the upcoming movie in any way, or just an side-by-side kind of thing?

      DC: It’s really just a side by side thing except the special will feature a section on the DVD with a generous amount of production art.

      NRAMA: Speaking of the larger "universe" of New Frontier - talk a little bit about the setting - the time period itself. Why does that era and the introduction of superheroes into the mix just click for you?

      DC: No answer. I Feel like Jagger trying to remember words to “Satisfaction.”

      NRAMA: Obviously, you can't do a Special without the question being raised - is this a prelude to a larger return? Is there even a desire for such a return on your part in the future?

      DC: Ask me that in a year or two. I'm still waiting for the first one to run its course. Between the Absolute, the toys, the DVD and one-shots New Frontier has been a daily part of my life for about seven years now. So I suppose the answer is maybe some day.
      Continuação futura de Nova Fronteira daqui a um ano ou dois?


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        DK3: The Bronze Age


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          Bacana... Nova Fronteira é legal pra cacete!!!

          Em alguns momentos muito forçada e pretensiosa, como nas últimas páginas com o discurso do Kenneth, fazendo paralelo com os heróis DC... mas mesmo assim, está um nível bem acima das outras séries publicadas atualmente!!!

          O trabalho que o Darwin Cooke faz com o Hal Jordan durante a série é memorável... o mesmo vale para o Jonn Jonnz!!!!!


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            Ué? E o pato super-herói da Disney? :P
            "Vencer não é tudo, mas perder é pior que nada." (Charlie Brown)


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              Postado originalmente por THEMAXX MODERADOR
              Ué? E o pato super-herói da Disney? :P
              Ter que explicar trocadilho é foda, mata o tópico. Pense, releia o tópico com carinho, você descobre...


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                Postado originalmente por Stanislaw Ponte Preta
                Postado originalmente por THEMAXX MODERADOR
                Ué? E o pato super-herói da Disney? :P
                Ter que explicar trocadilho é foda, mata o tópico. Pense, releia o tópico com carinho, você descobre...
                Bem, achei que as carinhas que pus no final indicavam tudo...
                Bem, vou confiar que a carinha que vc postou no final dessa última frase também indique tudo...
                "Vencer não é tudo, mas perder é pior que nada." (Charlie Brown)