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    by Vaneta Rogers

    As artist Gary Frank comes on board and a new storyline reintroduces Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes, Geoff Johns’ run on Action Comics feels like it’s making a whole new start.

    When it’s released on October 31st, Action Comics #858 will have a brand new ongoing artist, extra pages of story, and the kick-off to an epic-sounding tale of time travel that promises to build toward upcoming events in the DC Universe. Titled “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes,” the storyline launched by the oversized issue will focus on Superman’s relationship with the Legion, an iconic DC team from the future that has fiercely loyal fans – and is generating a lot of buzz lately in the DCU.

    Since Johns was announced as part of the new Action Comics writing team last year along with Superman movie director Richard Donner, scheduling problems have caused more than a few bumps in the road for the title. But as the series comes off a three-issue Bizarro story with art by Eric Powell and heads into this new story with Gary Frank on art, Action Comics seems to be back on a smoother surface.

    As issue #858 starts the title speeding down this new road, Newsarama talked to Johns to find out more about this story, hear his thoughts on what Frank's art brings to the series, and talk about why the Legion of Super-Heroes is a team DC readers will want to keep an eye on.

    Newsarama: This has got to feel like a whole new beginning for you on Action Comics, now that you’re starting with a brand new ongoing artist. Why mark this new beginning with a story about Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes?

    Geoff Johns: First, because Gary Frank’s opening arc had to be the most epic Superman story we’ve told. Reintroducing the Legion to Superman is something that we've been playing around with in the DCU for a little bit now, and it's something that I believe is important to Superman's history and part of what made him who he is. Not to mention, with the current cartoon, a new generation is watching Superman’s adventures with the Legion for the first time.

    NRAMA: You say the Legion is important to Superman. Can you explain why?

    GJ: They're his first friends. Back when Clark Kent was a kid, nobody else could fly. And he met these kids from the Legion, and they could fly. And all of them were aliens like him, from different worlds. It was the first time in his life that he felt like he wasn't completely an outsider. He felt like part of the club.

    The Legion is a team of aliens and humans with different powers from across the universe united to promote diversity, unity and tolerance. It grew completely out of the idea of Superman’s experience as an alien on Earth.

    I always believed his interaction with the Legion was an important piece of Superman's history, and it would be nice to do a story that explored that – and kind of going with the “Whatever happened to the Legion of Super-Heroes?” approach. As if the original Legion has been continuing to have adventures while we (and Superman) have been away.

    I also wanted to explore the idea – you know, you make good friends when you're young that help make you who you are, but what happens later in life when they need your help, when you've grown apart? How strong is that friendship?

    NRAMA: We’ve seen some Legion members show up in both Countdown and the “Lightning Saga” story in the JLA/JSA crossover. Do you have to read those other stories to understand this one?

    GJ: No, not at all. We're calling the arc “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes,” and it's supposed to be very entry level. At the same time, for readers that are already familiar with the Legion, it will be a chance to see the original team back in action in the same kind of vein as we’ve done with Justice Society of America. Using the past to move to the future. In this case, the far future.

    You'll get everything you need to know in the first issue – who the Legion is, why they existed and their importance to Superman. And you'll get hints of where they are now and the situation they're in. And Superman wants to help. He wants to find out why they haven't come to see him in so long.

    NRAMA: Let's talk a little more about the story. So far, we've only seen the adult members of this Legion team when they've come back to the present DCU.

    GJ: This time, Superman is going to their time.

    NRAMA: So he's traveling to the future to see what is going on with those adult members of the Legion?

    GJ: Yep. The 31st century!

    NRAMA: We've seen in other stories that Superman has statues of his Legion friends in the Fortress of Solitude, and that he remembers much of what happened with them. When he goes to the future, does he remember it?

    GJ: Oh, yeah. He remembers it. You’ll see it through his eyes. This story is designed for Legion fans and for people who might have heard of the Legion but don't really know them yet and don't really understand the importance of them. And that's the whole idea – to put the Legion in the context of the world of Superman again.

    NRAMA: OK, so Superman goes into the future and then ...

    GJ: ... and then, it's not the future he last remembered. Time has passed. The team is scattered.

    NRAMA: Can you tell us anything about the changes that have occurred? You said Superman wants to “help.” What does he want to help with?

    GJ: There are some major events that have happened – a couple to do with him directly – in the future that have forced the Legion to disband. And it's all about dealing with the ramifications of that.

    NRAMA: Ramifications?

    GJ: Yes. What does it mean to be an alien on Earth in the future now?

    NRAMA: Is there anything else you can tell us about what Clark finds in the future?

    GJ: Well, I can say that the villains of the future are the Justice League.

    NRAMA: The Justice League of the future?

    GJ: Yes. The Justice League of Earth.

    NRAMA: You can't tell us anything more about that?

    GJ: All I can say is there's a line in there ... no, that's all I can say.

    NRAMA: [laughs] Oh, come on! Who are they?

    GJ: [laughs] They're not like the future Batman or anybody like that, because that's not what the Legion is about. It's never been about the future version of present day characters. The Justice League in the future is made up of characters that are familiar to long-time Legion readers, and yet completely re-invented for this story. Some people have already seen them on the cover and recognize a few members like Spider-Girl and Tusker. People who once tried out for the Legion and were rejected.

    NRAMA: So the members of the Justice League of Earth in the future are the Legion's enemies?

    GJ: Yes.

    NRAMA: Can you tell readers what Legion team members they're going to see? Is it the team that was in Lightning Saga? Or will there be more, since Superman's going to be visiting the future?

    GJ: When we're all said and done, they'll see pretty close to everybody that was an active Legionnaire at one point or another.

    NRAMA: Everybody?

    GJ: [laughs] Pretty close. Not everybody, 'cause the arc's not that big. And it's designed, again, to reintroduce the Legion into Superman's life. But just about. Even Night Girl, who is a bad ass teamed up with Shadow Lass.

    NRAMA: We keep talking about Legion fans. Were you one of those people who used to read the Legion?

    GJ: I still read it! I love what Mark [Waid] did on both Zero Hour and the current Legion, I really love what Dan [Abnett] and Andy [Lanning] did. I really can’t wait to see [Jim] Shooter’s new run. And, of course, Paul Levitz's run was a huge high point in Legion history.

    NRAMA: There are a lot of people reading comics now who remember that era of the Legion fondly – the one you're returning to explore in this story. Why do you think it caught on so big during Paul Levitz’s run?

    GJ: It was brilliantly written and illustrated. And it was a fascinating world. Paul and Keith [Giffen] did what every creator strives to do when they get the chance to work on big, iconic heroes in the DC Universe. You try to explore that mythology and build upon that mythology and look into the corners. And Paul did that with every aspect of the Legion, between the characters and the actual world. His future was fleshed out so well. Every character had a relationship with somebody else; every character felt real; and their adventures were as much emotionally driven as they were story driven. And that's why his run caught on. That's why his run still stands the test of time.

    NRAMA: Yet, as you outlined before, the Legion itself has been relaunched two times, including the current Legion of Super-Heroes series. Does this story arc explain why there are now three different versions of the Legion?

    GJ: We've mentioned the story – “The Legion of Three Worlds” – and if there are 52 universes out there, there are 52 future universes now too.

    NRAMA: The Legion of Three Worlds?

    GJ: More on that later.

    NRAMA: Looks like we’ll have to wait for that one. But looking ahead, you said before that there are major events in the future that affect the Legion, and Superman is going to try to help. Does this story just affect the future, or will there be ramifications in the current DCU?

    GJ: The Action Comics arc is its own story, but it will continue to build toward what we're working on with Superman and some other things in the DCU with the Legion for 2008.

    NRAMA: But this one story in Action Comics does have a conclusion?

    GJ: Yep! It has a conclusion. But it's like any other comic in a universe like this. It's another chapter in the characters’ lives.

    NRAMA: And you said “more later” about the three Legions story, but just to clarify all these hints you're dropping, there are obviously more Legion stories coming in ’08, right?

    GJ: Next year is a big Legion anniversary so – yes!

    NRAMA: OK, back to Action Comics. Looking at the solicitation for these issues, you're named as a solo writer on this story arc. Why just you? And will Richard Donner be working with you again on future Action Comics stories?

    GJ: The idea was always for me to handle this arc solo – it’s got a lot of history to research before tackling the story and, quite honestly, I’ve been dying to work with the Legion for years. Dick will be back depending on his schedule.

    NRAMA: This story also marks the start of the new ongoing artist for Action Comics, Gary Frank. Can you talk about Gary's art on these issues?

    GJ: Gary is amazing. For me, he's the perfect Superman artist because he combines this brilliant, very clean, modern style, but he's got hints of both Curt Swan and Christopher Reeve influences throughout the Superman stuff. So visually, you see that he's the heir apparent for Superman, and for all the Superman characters. It's like, to me, I look at it and say, of course he should be drawing Superman. And for a guy like Gary, who did all the wonderful designing and powerful work for Supreme Power, coming in and doing his take on the Legion, reintroducing the original Legion, it's incredible to see.

    NRAMA: How has it been working with him on the series?

    GJ: It's been great. Everything he thinks of is very story-specific – the costumes of the Legionnaires, the environment surrounding them. We had a great discussion about Colu and what the main throne room of Colu would look like, and how it would interact with the person inside, and what the planet stuff is like. He approaches everything from story. Nothing is there just for the sake of being there.

    He even did a great detail on the old Time Sphere. The Time Sphere had these old-fashioned doors, and he invented this cool kind of pentagon door; it starts off small and opens out. His takes on Lighting Lad, Blok and Polar Boy are unbelievable. He's just thinking every single thing through, especially the emotions of Clark Kent. I hope we’re on this book a long, long time together.

    NRAMA: The art speaks for itself. And ... uh ... you guys are ahead on issues, right?

    GJ: We’re moving at a really good clip and, look, I know we have to earn the retailers’ and readers’ trust again on shipping. DC knows it. [Editors] Matt Idelson and Nachie Castro know it. That’s our absolute number one priority along with delivering the very best Superman stories we can. Matt and Nachie have been amazing on this and together we’re already looking to build up the Superman world in ’08 like we built up the Green Lantern world in ’07. That’s the next plan of attack. With the schedule under control and a talent like Gary Frank on board, it’s up, up and away.

    O que importa na verdade não são os quadrinhos que você lê, ou sua editora favorita. Na verdade nada disso importa.... Leia, e tenha base pra argumentar...
    Leitura sempre o fará evoluir.

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    O Dr. Espectro está na televisão dentro do Metallo, enfrentando o Hypérion vestido de Superman?


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      Uma pena ver a arte do Gary Frank sendo disperdiçada em um personagem restolho desses....
      tsc, tsc, tsc....


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        Puyol, eu te considero pacas, mas essas imagens sem hide estão criminosas de tão grandes!


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            Postado originalmente por Stanislaw Ponte Preta
            Puyol, eu te considero pacas, mas essas imagens sem hide estão criminosas de tão grandes!
            Não faça isso amiche.

            ja consertei, eu estou parecendo o Byrne, nao sei me acostumar com as novas ferramentas do forum.
            O que importa na verdade não são os quadrinhos que você lê, ou sua editora favorita. Na verdade nada disso importa.... Leia, e tenha base pra argumentar...
            Leitura sempre o fará evoluir.


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              O Gary Frank está mandando muito bem nos desenhos...



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                Na entrevista o Johns diz que o Richard Donner volta em breve, que esse arco é um preparativo para o aniversário da Legião ano que vem e que 2008 vai ser o ano do Superman assim como 2007 foi o do Lanterna Verde.


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                  GEOFF JONHS é o cara!
                  BOSTIL TIL TIL!!!


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                    Endosso o colega acima:



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                      Postado originalmente por Spit-Nick
                      GEOFF JONHS é o cara!


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                        Tá promissor, gostei dos desenhos. E Super usando o anel da Legião, que pourra é essa rapaz.
                        Meu mais novo romance autobiográfico: "Pra um cara não muito esperto, você até que não é tão burro!" Sobre mim e eu escrevi! Autobiográfico!


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                          Muito bom! Gostei da arte do Gary Frank EMULANDO o Yu!
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                            Palhaçada, o mesmo plot de sempre, Brainiac tenta dominar a mente do Super, ele ja fez isso sei la umas 10 vezes e NUNCA funcionou, o que mudou agora, bola fora da costureira...


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                              Isso aqui foi foda:

                              looking to build up the Superman world in ’08 like we built up the Green Lantern world in ’07. That’s the next plan of attack. With the schedule under control and a talent like Gary Frank on board, it’s up, up and away.

                              Se ele realmente fizer no Superman o que ta fazendo em Green Lantern, teremos um classico no Super como não se ve desde... quando? Morte e Retorno?