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[5 contra 1 news] Jenna Jameson escreverá quadrinhos

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  • [5 contra 1 news] Jenna Jameson escreverá quadrinhos

    Na Virgin Comics... isso sim que é piada pronta.

    Press Release

    World-famous entrepreneur, adult entertainment icon and New York Times best-selling author Jenna Jameson is creating and staring in her own series of comic books, it was announced today by Virgin Comics CEO, Sharad Devarajan, at Comic-Con, the industry’s annual super-festival in San Diego. The series, titled Shadow Hunter, debuts in comic shops and online comic retailers in December. The complete 144 page Shadow Hunter book will be available in June 2008 at all major book sellers. A new site,, will host additional information, previews and pre-orders of the comic art and books.

    Shadow Hunter is the story of a provocative superheroine who survives a brush with death only to find herself fighting the legions of hell for her very soul. Cover art for the first issue has been created by Greg Horn, a top illustrator of comic books and video games. The story, while provocative and sexy, contains no nudity and is intended for a mainstream audience.

    “Jenna Jameson is a cultural force,” said Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan. “She is an entrepreneur who is taking the taboo to the mainstream and has built an industry around her brand.”

    “I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Virgin to bring this story to life, first as comics and eventually in film and other formats,” said Jenna Jameson. “Working with comics is creatively liberating – everything is possible. My character is sultry, sexy and kicks ass!’

    "Jenna brings a defiance and edge to everything she does, said Gotham Chopra, Chief Creative Officer of Virgin Comics. “She's a provocateur and there's no doubt that our creative team at Virgin is going to have a blast collaborating with her. I can assure you
    every artist we have in our studio is vying to get assigned to this project!"

    San Diego Comic-Con is preparing for record crowds when Jenna makes her very first appearance at this event that attracts more than 100,000 fans. Jenna will be speaking about Shadow Hunter and signing autographs for fans on Saturday afternoon, July 28 at 4:30 PM. Images from the series will be available from the Virgin Comics booth at the San Diego Convention Center.

    Initial report: She’s probably one of the more controversial additions Virgin Comics could have made to their lineup of creators who will add their vision to the “Director’s Cut” line of comics, but according to, porn star Jenna Jameson will join the ranks of Nic and Weston Cage, Guy Ritchie, Dave Stewart and others who’ve created characters for the line.

    The website showcased the cover to the comic, showing Jameson as a character named “Shadow Hunter.” The cover, though uncredited in the TMZ report, is drawn by Greg Horn.

    Expect more on Jameson’s Shadow Hunter soon, as well as this week, as Newsarama has learned that Jameson will be appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con.

    Click the link above for a larger version of the image.

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    Esse VIRGIN COMICS é uma das coisas mais equivocadas que eu já vi na vida.

    Consegue ser ainda mais cretina, patética, imbecil e desnecessária do que a CROSSGEN - e olha que superar a coitadice desta não é para qualquer um.

    Pelo menos o Greg Horn(y) vai conseguir trabalhar com atrizes pornôs, que é de onde ele obtem inspiração para desenhar 99,9% das mulheres que ele "desenha".
    "And the mercy seat is smoking
    And I think my head is melting
    And in a way that's helpin'
    to be done with all this twistin' of the truth
    An eye for an eye
    And a tooth for a tooth
    And any way I told the truth
    But I'm afraid I told a lie."

    - Nick Cave, The Mercy Seat


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      The story, while provocative and sexy, contains no nudity and is intended for a mainstream audience.
      A nova geração.


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        Postado originalmente por Shawn Tilly Flores
        The story, while provocative and sexy, contains no nudity and is intended for a mainstream audience.
        pode trancar o tópico.