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    NINGUEM sabe ainda com quais personagens o Millar e Hitch vao trabalhar...algumas pistas foram reveladas na entrevista do Hitch com perguntas do Josh Whedom:

    “An established title. Household name. One of these characters was created in the sixties and another in the forties. Three sexy girls. The opening line in the first issue is “Once Upon A Time”. The villain in the third and fourth issues has been known as Cap. Bruce Banner has some involvement in this series. Likewise, two of Marvel's most popular and famous villains. Hitchy prefers it to Ultimates.”

    Joss: Now you're going from the ultra-modern to the possibly least-edgy characters in the Marvel 'verse. And how will you guys make them your own?
    Hitchy: Dunno. We just sort of started with some intent and I think we both have strong approaches to the material and wouldn't start unless we had something to say or do with the characters, so I guess you'd be better placed to answer that stuff as an observer when it comes out.

    Joss: Are you guys working a specific, limited arc with an over-reaching plan or are you just diving in?

    Hitchy: We just dove in with a general idea of the feel we wanted and a specific starter story. Originally intended to be an eight-issue run we having such a great time we've decided to go on past twelve and do as many as we can until boredom sets in either with us or the readers!


    Joss: Is there any part of this book that's out of your idiom, that's scary for you to try and pull off?
    Hitchy: Well, it's a classic and I haven't worked on the real core repertory before at Marvel so that's a little scary. If anything though it's much more my idiom than Ultimates ever was; I had to learn so much to pull that project off the way we wanted it and although I'm bringing all I've learned there onto this one it's a much more natural fit for my inclinations.

    Joss: It seems like a good match to your hyper-real, muscular, science-y style, so how are you challenging yourself?

    Hitchy: Pushing the drawing as far as I can, finding visual angles I'd never used before; Trying to keep the acting and characterization where I want it; trying to keep it all very fluid, very modern but never at the loss of it's classic feel. There's also more design involved than I've done in a long time with new locations, sets, props, all the things that put another smile on my face. Just facing a blank sheet of paper on a morning is a challenge!

    and finally…

    Joss: The book you and Mark are doing and the Marvel 'verse – have been through some pretty seismic changes in the last couple of years. Is your book a continuation of that stuff or is it old school, classic feel? I think it's self-contained, at any rate, which excites me. Is that right?
    Hitchy: 'Sright. Mark was burned out after Civil War and we didn't want to be tied into any time sensitive launches, just a fun sandbox to play in for a while as we both get the wind in our sails. Typical of us though that the scale of what we're doing here is growing all the time but it's the most fun we've had in a very long while. I always prefer both in my reading and working to not have things be reliant on any other material elsewhere. I just want it to be the story it is and not have somebody feel they ought to have read anything anywhere else.

    Then, taking the “least edgy” quote from the interview, Monday a reader on the Millarworld forums speculated it had to be in reference to the Fantastic Four, to which Hitch himself replied,

    “From the Civil War stuff and current issues, I'd say FF is pretty edgy these days. Besides, I've always thought I'd be a poor fit for the Fantastic Four; too many greats in it's history. Lest edgy in the MU? Millie the Model.
    “That's not an admission BTW...”

    Later, in response to the suggestion the artist was just trying to throw readers “off the scent”, Hitch added…

    “Okay, how about I just TELL you I'm not doing FF?
    “Would that be more specific?”

    Your guess is as good as ours, but we’ll be bringing you more images and information when it becomes available…

    Qual TITULO eles estao fazendo na opiniao de VOCES??
    QUAIS PERSONAGENS estao envolvidos???


    PROTOCOLO: A ORDEM foi impressa e está sendo vendida. APENAS ACEITEM!!!

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      Nao tinha vista o topico.
      I'm sorry baby...


      PROTOCOLO: A ORDEM foi impressa e está sendo vendida. APENAS ACEITEM!!!


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        Quer dizer que o Canibal chupou de novo?


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          Humanoid Typhoon.
          Sixty Billion Double Dollar Man.
          Natural Human Disaster.
          Act Of God.