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  • Esse peixe não é meu. Fiz um aglomerado de ideias de todos e criei um roteiro disso.
    Tirei algumas canalhices que disseram porque a Disney não faria...Bem... porque é a Disney.
    A segunda parte não vai rolar mesmo porque é pura Claremont e duvido que copiem toda a fase na cara dura.

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    Um dos INIMIGOS mais PODEROSOS da equipe.
    Só coloquei algumas caras nos personagens.
    sola scriptura, sola gratia, sola fide.


    • fotografia é desenho de luz


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        Pra mim tinha que deixar pra lá esse negócio de origens e mostrar os X-men já maduros. Começa o filme com o Ciclope e a Jean cuidando do instituto Xavier e criando os filhinhos Rachel e Nathan e vivendo felizes. Aí aparece o Wolverine e a Rainha Branca e eles acabam com a harmonia do casal em um emocionante quadrângulo amoroso.
        O Hickman aproveitou a minha ideia do quadrângulo.

        Se espertem aí.


        • o que acham de uma tempestade NÃO que passe o cabelo feito uma branca loira, que deixe um blackpower branco?

          é hora de abraçar a beleza afro?


          • Eu acho que tinha que rolar uma sub-equipe dos X-men em que todos são NEGROS que nem na paródia deles no The Boys.

            X-Style ou algo assim.


            • RUMOR: A formação da equipe dos X-Men no MCU foi revelada!



              • Hoje completam-se 20 anos do lançamento de X-Men :

                Today In Superhero Movie History: The First X-MEN Movie Arrived In Theaters Twenty Years Ago

                X-Men was released in theaters on July 14th, 2000, and it's fair to say that the movie served as a game-changer for the superhero genre. While Blade beat it to the punch, it was Bryan Singer's take on superheroes which made Hollywood sit up and realise that there was money to be made from comic book characters, and it deserves at least some of the credit for why Spider-Man finally got to swing on to the big screen.

                Released to positive reviews (it holds a score of 81% on Rotten Tomatoes, a website which didn't actually exist when X-Men was released) and an eventual box office haul of $296.3 million, it was a hit for 20th Century Fox, and created a new franchise which lasted right up until last year.

                Attempts to bring these characters to theaters had been made since 1984, and the script underwent rewrite after rewrite. Singer boarded the project in 1996, and further changes to the screenplay led to characters like Beast and Nightcrawler being scrapped at the last minute to address the studio's budget concerns. Hugh Jackman, meanwhile, was cast three weeks into filming after Dougray Scott dropped out to star in the Mission: Impossible sequel (a decision we're sure he regrets). During shooting, X-Men's impressive ensemble was banned from reading comic books, and Jackman has since said the cast treated them as contraband so they could get some insight into their respective characters. In terms of faithfulness to the source material, Singer's movie wasn't perfect, but it did get a lot right, and took a great deal of inspiration from the stellar animated series.

                For the most part, it was a fun ride, and whether it was the team's battle with Magneto at the top of the Statue of Liberty or Logan's budding friendship with Rogue, the heroes and villains are what really made X-Men shine (even if the likes of Sabretooth and Iceman were largely wasted).

                Since its release, there have been two sequels, a spinoff, a prequel, another spinoff, an "inbetweenquel," more prequels, and even a couple of Deadpool movies. The final fate of these heroes was even addressed in Logan, and while the franchise went out with a whimper thanks to Dark Phoenix, the rights to these characters are now in the hands of Marvel Studios. That's somewhat ironic considering it was X-Men where Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige got his start as an associate producer due to his knowledge of the source material.

                Singer's legacy, however, isn't quite as easy to talk about as a series of damning allegations claiming he used his status as a filmmaker to abuse young boys has seemingly led to him being blacklisted in Hollywood.

                Regardless, X-Men was definitely a game-changer, and it's easy to see why it's fondly remembered by a lot of fans two decades on. However, it's hard to escape the feeling that we won't get to see a truly astonishing take on these uncanny heroes and villains until they enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

                "Spyder! Spyder! burning bright
                In the forests of the night
                What immortal hand or eye
                Could frame thy fearful symmetry?”


                • bom candidato a Wolverine?

                  fotografia é desenho de luz


                  • perfeito. Só tocar pro gol, porra

                    Vozeirão do caralho. Wolverine nível oscarizável é esse aí


                    • cara inchada de cachaça, gel BOZANO...
                      e cara de q realmente pode te matar a qlqr momento
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                      fotografia é desenho de luz


                      • 1,88 m de altura.

                        Nunca existiu ator perfeito pro Wolverine. Então vai esse mermo.

                        Ele me lembra esse Wolverine:


                        • Gostei mais quando indicaram nosso querido QuaseKeanuExNaziPuliçadeBanshee como Namor.

                          Para Wolverine tem que ser ELE:

                          Última leitura: Superman 80 Anos - Action Comics Especial #1000
                          Lendo: Superman - Condenado Vol. 01


                          • come bem o rapaz?

                            fotografia é desenho de luz


                            • Não vou com a cara desse ator. Lá no Punhos de Ferro ele passou essa vibe frufru e ficou estigmatizado assim pra mim.

                              Ele é um genérico do John Malkovich. Olha ali no gif ele torcendo o pescocinho, o Malkovich sem tirar nem pôr.


                              • achei legal q seu post teve só 2 linhas
                                fotografia é desenho de luz