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Gamora vs Viúva-Negra.

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  • Gamora vs Viúva-Negra.

    Versões filmes.

    Local (desabitado): Aeroporto de Guerra Civil.

    Intenção: Incapacitar/matar.

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    Gamora foi treinada pelo Thanos pessoalmente......Leva essa......


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      Gamora tem nível físico muito superior:


      "Gamora. Surgically modified and trained as a living weapon."Rhomann Dey[src]
      Zehoberei Physiology/Bionic Enhancements: As a Zehoberei, Gamora naturally possesses physical capabilities beyond any human being, which were further augmented by Thanos' use of bionic and cybernetic enhancements to improve her skills as an assassin.
      Gamora carrying the massive M-ship cannon
      • Superhuman Strength: Due to her Zehoberei heritage and bionic enhancements, Gamora is stronger than humans and many other species, allowing her to overpower a majority of her opponents in combat. She possesses a cybernetic skeleton and has demonstrated her strength by being able to effortlessly lift up Mantis by her neck with one hand and pin her to a wall, break Groot's vine binding with nothing but her strength, as well as holding up the discarded cannon of a crashed M-ship piloted by Nebula, which was far larger than her...

      Fraudes na urna eletrônica. É possível uma democracia assim?