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  • [IGN UK] PES2008 Wii é o único True Next Gen

    The Revolution has arrived! We go hands on with the newest addition to the PES stable.

    We had an extended hands-on with the new motion controlled Pro Evolution 2008, and can happily report that it looks like Konami is about to produce one of the biggest leaps forward in the series to date.

    What the Wii version of Pro Evolution 2008 promises is an unprecedented level of control both on and off the ball, with the Wii-mote and Nunchuk used in tandem to direct the team.

    What Konami has done with Pro Evolution on the Wii is undoubtedly impressive however, and the development team have clearly thought long and hard about how best to implement the unique controls of the Wii into the series.

    We only managed to squeeze in a handful of games but at the end of our short acquaintance we were already getting a feel for the new style, dictating play with the Wii-mote and Nunchuk with all the ferocity of Graham Taylor in his more unstable years. What really excites is what is capable when the controls are fully grasped – with such untold control in your hands a whole different skill set is required, and after the relative disappointment of the Xbox 360 and PS3 incarnations, Pro Evolution 2008 on the Wii looks to be the first truly next-generation offering from the series.

    Fonte : http://wii.ign.com/articles/846/846663p1.html


    Esse vídeo é bastante interessante, mas provavelmente quem não gostou poderá jogar no Classic controle.

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    Parece que não vai rolar modo Classic. A Konami está bem confiante em relação a esse jogo, pelos videos que eu vi, parece bem interessante e as possibilidades de jogadas são bem maiores, porém me pareceu um tanto quanto complicado.


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      Caralho, sensacional!!!! E olha que não sou fã de PES, mas esse é COFRE TOTAL!!!!!

      É agora que o Wii vai se alastrar pelas lan houses, já que brasileiro só quer saber de WE!!! CHORA TAKEZO!


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        No começo vai ser pauleira, mas depois que o povo pegar a manha esse vai ser o verdadeiro futebol arte next-gen!


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          lixo, não entendo como gostam de jogos de futebol
          Isso é só uma brincadeira ...


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              Perdoem a linguagem, mas HAJA PUNHETA!
              Not All Who Wander Are Lost

              PSN: I_AM_THE_HYPE___


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                Que horrível.
                "Como é bom ser loucooooooo!"