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    Did Ratchet Inspire Galaxy? Miyamoto: Huh, Who?

    Speaking in an interview in the latest edition of Official Nintendo Magazine UK (via CVG), Miyamoto rejected Insomniac Games’ claims that Mario Galaxy had been inspired by Ratchet and Clank, stating that Nintendo had been toying with the idea of “spherical worlds and anti-gravity” for many years.

    "We had the original idea as soon as we finished the development of Mario 64 and had been experimenting with it for many years, even on the N64.

    "It's not an idea we got from anywhere else," he goes on. "I'm sorry but I have to admit that I've never seen the game in question. Is it a PC game?"

    Had they come from another game designer Miyamoto’s comments concerning Ratchet may have smacked of ignorance. From someone as talented as the father of Mario however, it has to be put down to blissful unawareness of what other designers are up to. The fact that he’s so one-minded in his approach to game design that he’s not casting his eye over what the competition’s doing shows a complete, and justified confidence in his and his team’s own abilities.
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      nem é alfinetada
      miyamoto é sincero:
      esse jogo aí é totalmente restolho e desconhecido
      Giovanni Giorgio