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  • Capcom fecha servidores de Resident Evil e Monster Hunter.

    Postado originalmente por Capcom
    After more than 3 years of online service, the external company providing server hosting for both Resident Evil: Outbreak and Monster Hunter has decided to exit the PlayStation 2 online business altogether, with no possibility of outsourcing either the service or the technology.

    This means that online gameplay for both games will come to an end on December 31, 2007. Fortunately, the single-player campaigns in both games will be unaffected by this change and will continue to provide hours of entertainment on both PlayStation 2 and backwards-compatible PlayStation 3 hardware. Thank you for supporting Capcom’s online titles over the years!

    And just so you know, although these are older titles, we did want to make an effort to keep the fans happy and continue supporting online play. We've tried to extend the contract, move it someplace else, etc. It's not happening. The hosting partner (who I guess remains nameless here) is just quitting the business entirely and doesn't want to mess around with the time/money involved in porting anything. Thanks to everyone who has kept these games fun online for so many years.
    É isso, galerinha, a Capcom dia 1º de janeiro de 2008 vai fechar o servidor de RE:O (o servidor de Outbreak File#2 já tinha sido fechado) e Monster Hunter.

    Alguém aí já jogou online? Caso queiram jogar até o final do mês, combinemos algo.( Eu sei que agora o esquema é jogar na LIVE ou PSN, mas em nome dos velhos tempos ).

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    Eu jogava Resident Evil Outbrek online e era muito divertido.


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      No PS2 eu joguei online:
      MGS 3
      Resident Evil Outubreak

      Ambos muito bons.

      Mas eu jogo Monster Hunter no PSP via Kai, o de PS2 eu nunca joguei.