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  • Top 10 - Morte nos Games

    #10: Diablo II - The Warrior/Dark Wanderer "Not even death can you save you from me" (PC)
    The first Diablo had you play as one of three characters - Wizard, Rouge and Warrior. Diablo 2 presents as canon that it was the nameless Warrior who defeated Diablo in the first game and saved Tristram. However, to do so, he opted to thrust Diablo's Soulstone into his forehead, in the hopes that his great will could protect the world from the demon. However, after a long draining fight, the Warrior loses his will and becomes possessed by Diablo. Diablo 2 takes over the plot with a new adventurer on the path of the possessed warrior, the Dark Wanderer. You pursue the Dark Wanderer across the world of Sanctuary, discovering that Diablo is using the Wanderer's body to resurrect Diablo's terrible brothers, Mephisto and Baal. Eventually you catch up with the Dark Wanderer , with Mephisto and Baal. They open a gate to Hell, and then Diablo tears out of the Dark Wanderer's body and is restored to his own. An ignoble and shocking end to the hero of Diablo.

    #9: Legacy of Kain: Defiance - Raziel "The two become one... both Soul Reavers... together... and the Scion of Balance is healed... And I am not your enemy... not your destroyer... I am, as before, your right hand...! Your sword...! "(PS2)
    Raziel has been the main character of the Legacy of Kain since Soul Reaver on the Playstation. Raziel, once one of the vampire Kain's greatest offspring, was killed by his master in a seeming act of arrogance. Raziel rises from the dead and becomes an agent of the mysterious Elder God. He is now a devourer of souls, nigh on indestructible and determined to enact vengeance on his former brethren and Kain. Through Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2 he actively pursues Kain. By the time of Defiance, however, it seems that Kain hadn't had Raziel killed by an act of egoism; he had tried to change his and Raziel's ultimate destiny. Kain, to be killed by Raziel, and Raziel, to be devoured by the Soul Reaver blade and trapped in it for eternity. However, by the end of Defiance, Raziel accepts his destiny, and allows the Soul Reaver to devour him, while a horrified Kain watches him. Raziel tells Kain of the true villain, the Elder God, who has moved and shaped destinies through the centuries, and opens Kain's eyes to the Elder God. Raziel's tale began from hatred and vengeance, but eventually he overcomes his anger and selflessly sacrifices himself to aid Kain in stopping the Elder God's manipulation of Nosgoth.

    #8: The Orange Box - Eli Vance "Prepare for Unforseen Consequences" (X360)
    Eli Vance, former Black Mesa scientist and co-worker with Gordon Freeman. He survived the Seven-Hour War that followed Black Mesa as Earth fell to the Combine. He, together with his daughter Alyx and a group of dedicated fighters, set up a resistance to the Combine. Throughout Half-Life 2, much of Gordon Freeman's mission was to first meet up with Eli, and then rescue him from the Combine. By Episode 2, Eli is safely hidden away in the White Forest Base. With a major Combine attack fended off by the Resistance and Gordon Freeman, Eli and the Resistance would presumably be safe, even though it had been a grim atmosphere before the attack - Alyx had delivered a message from the series' enigmatic G-Man to her father, to "Prepare for Unforseen Consequences" - a message that visibly shakes Eli. However it is when he, Gordon and Alyx are walking through the now peaceful base when one of the most shocking moments in the series happens. Combine Advisors burst into the room, pick him up and kill him. Shortly afterwards, Gordon and Alyx are saved by Alyx's robot, Episode 2 ends on a grim note - Alyx sobbing over her father's body. Easily the most shocking and sad moment in the Half-Life series.

    #7: Halo 3 - Sergeant Major Avery Johnson "Send me out with a bang" (X360)
    Sergeant Major Avery Johnson has been a survivor throughout the Halo series. He survived the first Halo's Flood outbreak and its subsequent explosion, he survived many battles in Halo 2 and 3 against the Covenant and the Flood and has even endured torture by the Covenant Prophet of Truth. He seems to be almost invincible, so his death at one of the most infuriating characters in the Halo series, 343 Guilty Spark, comes as a pretty shocking end to such a character. As the Arbiter, Master Chief and Sergeant Johnson attempt to set the rebuilt Halo 07 on a firing that will destroy it and most of the Ark (thus stopping a Flood invasion of the galaxy, Guilty Spark takes offence and blasts Johnson back. After Guilty Spark is destroyed, Master Chief crouches over a fallen Johnson, who simply tells the Chief to send him out with a bang. Johnson's end is a shocking death for veterans of the series, as he had become one of the most favourite characters in the series, second only to the Chief.

    #6: Final Fantasy X - Tidus "I'm sorry Yuna, I have to go....I'm sorry I couldn't show you Zanarkand" (PS2)
    Tidus, the main character in Final Fantasy 10, starts off as a seemingly immature teenager, with a big chip on his shoulder about his father and a desire to return to his home of Zanarkand. However, his journey with summoner Yuna teaches him about bravery and sacrifice, and he begins to grow up. By the end, he and she had fallen in love and were set to stop the terror of Sin together. That all changes when he realizes that, if they do succeed in truly killing Sin and ending the dream of the spiritual Fayth, his nature as a dream of the Fayth will mean he will disappear. Nonetheless, he fights on, and the group succeed in destroying the entity behind the monstrous Sin. As the group stand nearby, watching Sin fade away, they notice Tidus begin to disappear too. Yuna rushes to him, and tries to hold him, but passes right through his body. His last words are an apology, before he jumps off the airship and passes into death. While the sequel resurrected him, Tidus' death, especially as the main character, is a memorable end.

    #5: Shadow of the Colossus - Wander ""You were only being used. Eradicate the source of the evil." (PS2)
    Shadow of the Colossus was an extraordinary game, and its hero Wander's end in the final moments of the game is shocking, compared to the somewhat more upbeat moment of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus' forebear. Wander had arrived in the Forbidden Land with an unknown girl's body. Was she a lover? A friend? A relative? These questions are never answered, but Wander's desire to save her life force him to accept a quest from a mysterious entity in the Forbidden Land's central temple - destroy the 16 Colossi in the Forbidden Land and she will be saved. However, it warns him that there will be a price. Nevertheless, Wander sets out and manages to destroy all 16 colossi, slowly getting darker and more abnormal looking. Meanwhile, a group of knights arrives in the Forbidden Land, and find Wander. Declaring him possessed by evil and used, they shoot him fatally with an arrow as he struggles towards the girl's body. Suddenly, the entity, Dormin, possesses his body, and tries to kill the knights. After a titanic struggle, they succeed in forcing the Dormin-Wander thing into a mystical pool. As the creature shrinks, it looks more like Wander. The part of him that still remained after Dormin's possession still struggles against the forces pulling him into the wind - towards the girl's body. But it is to no avail, and he slips into the pool. The knights flee the crumbling temple, but suddenly the girl awakens as promised by Dormin. Together with Wander's loyal horse Agro and a baby boy with horns like Wander had, they make their way to the paradise at the top of the temple. Wander's death was poignant mainly because of his struggle throughout the game to resurrect this girl, and even in his final moments, he struggled to reach her despite the forces around him.

    #4: Final Fantasy VII - Aeris "Then, I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over."(PS)
    One of the most famous deaths in gaming today, and certainly one of the most poignant. Aeris, during the first half of Final Fantasy 7, is touted as a possible love interest for Cloud, the main character. She is the last remaining Ancient, and seems to have a deep understanding of the Planet. She is also a relatively innocent character in the grim world of Final Fantasy 7 - which is why her death at the hands of the game's villain, Sephiroth, is so shocking. She kneels, praying to the planet, at an altar, when Sephiroth comes soaring from high above. His sword goes right through her, and her face shows just a brief moment of shock before she falls. Cloud and the group's reaction to her death, and their subsequent resolve to press on against Sephiroth regardless, are mirrors of gamers' reactions to her death as well. Aeris' death created a desire for revenge, not just in the game's narrative, but in the minds of gamers as well. And her words were prophetic - even at the end, she helps bring Cloud out of the Lifestream and into the real world, so he can escape the crumbling Northern Crater following Sephiroth's end.

    #3: Silent Hill 2 - Mary Sunderland " Please James.... Tell me I?ll be okay. Tell me I'm not going to die....Help me" (PS2)
    Silent Hill 2 was more then a game - it was an intense study of the nature of grief and suffering. Mary Sunderland, young wife of main character James Sunderland, passed away prior to the game of an unknown illness. A shattered James receives a letter from her three years later, telling him that she is waiting for him in the resort town of Silent Hill. He makes his way to the town, and you play as him as he goes through the town, meeting other people (including a doppelganger of his wife). He comes across as a good and decent man, one who cares about others and thrust into a horrifying situation. But then, towards the end of the game, James betrays you as a gamer - Mary Sunderland didn't die of her illness, she was murdered by James. On her bed at home, alternating in her terminal sickness between angry depression and terror, she often shouted at him while he himself struggled to come to terms with what she had become in her dying days. So one day he comes to her bedside, kisses her on the forehead and smothers her with a pillow. This revelation shakes players to the core, as much as it shakes James himself, who had denied this act even to himself. Mary's death seems even more surreal and poignant as, during the final minutes of the game, James walks down a long corridor to confront the truth of this horror, and a conversation plays out of one of the last times he spoke to her. She shouts at him about bringing her flowers, and thenafter he leaves he hears what he'd never heard from her - a plea for help, to tell her she was going to be ok, to not leave her alone. Mary Sunderland's death and James' complicated reaction to it, makes Silent Hill 2 an accurate representation of grief and how it can truly effect a person.

    #2: Metal Gear Solid - Frank Jaeger "Snake. We're not tools of the government, or anyone else. Fighting was the only thing... the only thing I was good at. But... at least I always fought for what I believed in. "(PS)
    One of the great games in gaming history, and it has many memorable scenes for those who played it. Of those, the one that I remember the most is the end of Frank Jaeger, aka Cyborg Ninja. During most of the game, he has been a mysterious figure, fighting Snake and foes alike. Snake eventually finds out that the Ninja is Gray Fox, real name Frank Jaeger, Snake's mentor and best friend. Frank Jaeger is not seen again until the very end - during Snake's titanic battle with Metal Gear Rex, he reveals himself to Snake. After a short conversation with Snake, he runs into battle to help his former friend against Liquid Snake's Metal Gear Rex. The battle between them is savage, and Frank's right arm is sliced off by one of Rex's lasers. Still fighting even as Rex pins him against the wall, Frank manages to blow up its Radome, forcing Liquid out of his enclosed cockpit. Enraged, Liquid uses Rex to throw Frank's crushed body onto the ground and lifts one of Rex's huge feet to crush him underfoot. In a moment where time freezes, Frank says his last words to Snake, before the foot comes crashing down to Snake's scream of anger and despair. Even after Frank's death, Snake lives by Frank's last words - he never becomes a tool of the government, and fights only for what he believes in - an attitude that has continued to the upcoming Guns of the Patriots.

    #1: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty - Emma Emmerich "Hal...I miss you" (PS2)
    Hideo Kojima sure knows how to make an awesome game with a brilliant story. Like its predecessor, Metal Gear Solid 2 has many memorable moments. Of those, the most poignant was the death of Hal Emmerich's estranged half-sister, Emma. Hal, who has been Snake's best friend since the events of Metal Gear Solid, was determined to get his sister out of harms way when he found out she was working with the government on the new Metal Gear Arsenal. However, while Raiden and Snake attempt to help her flee part of the Big Shell (a part of Arsenal), she is fatally stabbed by Vamp, one of the game's villains. In the control room for Big Shell, while Snake and Raiden try to get Emma's virus working that will shut Arsenal down, Emma and Hal speak for the last time. He seems disbelieving at first about what is happening, but slowly she slips away before they truly reconcile. As Hal wipes his eyes, Emma's pet parikeet chirps up with a line that Emma taught it - "Hal, I miss you" - causing him to lose it. Snake manages to help him out of his grief temporarily, and says that only Hal can fly the chopper to evacuate people out of Big Shell. It is only when Hal is walking up the stairs away from Snake and Raiden, with Emma's parikeet, and it says "Hal, I miss you" again, that he collapses in front of the elevator and begins to sob blindly. For many games, reaction to a character death is merely given as a few moments of anger or sadness, taking away the raw grief and pain that is caused by death. Hideo instead took this pain and grief and put it into Emma's death and Hal's reaction, and made it the most poignant and truly sad death of gaming today.
    Game deaths, aside from the usual enemy deaths, are among the most memorable moments in gaming. Some are done with cinematic flair - camera angles are perfect, and the narrative timing are right on the spot. Others show the deaths of favourite or long-time characters, and their ends are memorable for that reason. Others are done in a shocking, confrontational way, using a realistic represenation of grief and loss to show how death in gaming isn't merely destroying a collection of pixels and polygons on a screen, but how it can be equal to cinema in helping tell a story and relate to the characters in it. For the reasons above, these ten game deaths are memorable in modern gaming.


    Pra mim a morte mais marcante foi a da Aeris em Final Fantasy 7. Mas a da Emma foi foda mesmo.

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    Eu realmente nao lembro de ter jogado algo em que um personagem tenha morrido como recurso dramático, entao nao posso opinar.

    [hide:70138e6993]Mas com certeza eu pensei que o Takezo teria postado isso por causa da morte da Aeris em FF7... [/hide:70138e6993]
    If drums are the foundation, guitars the finishes, and voice the fluorish; bass is the soul.


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      Morte marcante que me fez fica bolado foi a do Tails no Sonic 2, TA eu sei que ele não morre, mais ate conseguir zerar eu tinha ficado boladão e com SANGUE nos ZOIO querendo matar o Robotinik.

      Agora fora isso nenhuma me deixou bolado não.

      Uma pergunta pros fãs de FF7, por que não usaram Fenix Down na Aeries?


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        A morte da personagem lá que é a instrutora do personagem principal em Phantasy Star 4 (não lembro o nome dela :P), pô inesperada mesmo, um dos melhores RPG's que já joguei.


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          #4: Final Fantasy VII - Aeris "Then, I'll be going now. I'll come back when it's all over."(PS)
          El xorey.


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            Postado originalmente por Patchanka
            Eu realmente nao lembro de ter jogado algo em que um personagem tenha morrido como recurso dramático, entao nao posso opinar.

            [hide:433bcee130]Mas reconheço que chorei muito quando a mãe do Bambi morreu [/hide:433bcee130]
            Afinal alguém morre nos jogos da Nintendo?
            TAKEZO INC. = FAIL


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              If drums are the foundation, guitars the finishes, and voice the fluorish; bass is the soul.


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                Po lembrei agora, no Baldur's Gate II, a morte do Jon Irenicus, mesmo o cara sendo o vilão, a morte dele é FODONCIA, por tudo que ele fez, por tudo que passamos na mãos dele, e putz...


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                  A melhor morte não é extamente uma morte...

                  ...a coruja de Ocarina of Time me deixou com uma saudade da POURRA quando você toca o Requiem do Espíritos e ela aparece voando por cima de Link...

                  Postado originalmente por Leandro Azeredo
                  O legal do MBB é isso... sempre que você acha que essa m€rda chegou no fundo do poço, aparece um filha da pu†a com uma pá e começa a cavar!

                  "Trate bem seu cliente"


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                    Postado originalmente por Nitroman
                    A morte da personagem lá que é a instrutora do personagem principal em Phantasy Star 4 (não lembro o nome dela :P), pô inesperada mesmo, um dos melhores RPG's que já joguei.
                    O nome dela é ALys e é uma morte triste mesmo, mas a morte da Boss no MGS 3 é mais emocionante


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                      no Call of Duty 3 tem uma morte MUITO foda, tem dois caras que discutem o tempo todo, aí numa parte um deles se atira na frente de uma granada ou algo assim, tu pega o cara nos braços e ele diz "diga ao fulano... cof, cof... diga ao fulano pra ir pro inferno!"


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                        Pra mim é a do Wander em SHADOW OF THE COLLOSUS.

                        Depois de ter penado pra matar os 16 colossus, ele se transforma em um e ainda sim tenta correr pra ver sua amada uma ultima vez.

                        E o melhor é que vc controla o personagem no momento, VC ESTÁ MORRENDO.


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                          Postado originalmente por Bandoleiro
                          no Call of Duty 3 tem uma morte MUITO foda, tem dois caras que discutem o tempo todo, aí numa parte um deles se atira na frente de uma granada ou algo assim, tu pega o cara nos braços e ele diz "diga ao fulano... cof, cof... diga ao fulano pra ir pro inferno!"

                          No CoD3 tem uma penca de mortes tristes, quando tu se apega aos seus companheiros os caras começam a morrer...


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                            Achei que a mestra do Big Boss estaria na lista...
                            Sair de casa é superestimado.
                            Almanaque de Anorak,
                            Capítulo 17, verso 32


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                              Postado originalmente por Takezo Seixas Lara
                              Postado originalmente por Patchanka
                              Eu realmente nao lembro de ter jogado algo em que um personagem tenha morrido como recurso dramático, entao nao posso opinar.

                              [hide:e601a9edf4]Mas reconheço que chorei muito quando a mãe do Bambi morreu [/hide:e601a9edf4]
                              Afinal alguém morre nos jogos da Nintendo?
                              No ouendan 2 tem uma história onde uma garota briga com a irmã e ela morre num acidente logo em seguida. Eu chorei...