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  • [Scott-Patchanka-Rockman news] Três crianças roubam um Wii

    BOSTON -- Three children, two as young as 12, are charged with breaking into a South End home and stealing an Nintendo Wii video game console and other electronics, reported WCVB-TV in Needham.

    A resident returned to his home Saturday afternoon to find a 12-year-old girl holding the game console, Boston police said. As he reached out to catch the girl, he heard other intruders in his home.

    Two boys, ages 12 and 15, fled out of a window and down a rear fire escape, police spokeswoman Sharon Dottin told the Boston Globe.

    One of the boys was arrested in an alley, the second was picked up two hours later. An iPod docking station and a cell phone were found near the fire escape.

    Police released the 12-year-olds into the custody of their parents. The 15-year-old was being held in a juvenile detention facility, police said.

    Police would not say whether the three were related.

    "The significance of their ages is not lost on the officers," Dottin told the Globe. "This is unfortunate, but by holding them responsible for their actions, this will be a lesson they learn."

    Jake Wark, a spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney's office, said the children would face charges in Boston Juvenile Court on Tuesday.

    The punishment could range from community service to detention in a juvenile facility until they turn 18, Wark said.

    Resumo: Três "crianças", duas de 12 anos e uma de 15 anos(esse já tá mais pra adolescente), roubaram um Nintendo Wii e outros eletrônicos de uma loja em Boston.
    Um morador achou uma menina segurando um Wii aparente roubado em sua casa e outros invasores, e avisou a polícia.
    Eles foram detidos, e ainda vão decidir a punição para eles.

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    Cadeia neles!


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      [Scott-Patchanka-Rockman news]


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        Podia ser pior, podiam estar roubando pra usar drogas. Bem, na verdade é quase a mes..==editado pelo autor moderador==
        TAKEZO INC. = FAIL


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          Postado originalmente por Hargen

          [Scott-Patchanka-Rockman news]
          É o trio ternura em questão!


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            Pelo menos os moleques roubaram e deixaram lá, não pegaram o Wiimote e enfiaram NO CÚ, NO CÚ, como alguns fãs de PSP por aí...
            If drums are the foundation, guitars the finishes, and voice the fluorish; bass is the soul.