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  • Capcom: "PS3 e X360 são a mesma coisa!"

    Capcom: PS3 isn't hard to work with, it just makes sense to go multi-platform

    Capcom's Hiroyuki Kobayashi has tried to give reasons for their move towards being a multi platform publisher. He denied that the reason for the change in strategy is because the PS3 is hard to develop for, it had more to do with their operational goal of allowing more players to play their games and as the Xbox 360 is quite popular, it made sense to branch over with the likes of Devil May Cry 4.

    GameSpy: Is that part of why it became multi-platform?

    Kobayashi: It wasn't that the PS3 was a hard-to-work with machine. Capcom has a PC-based engine that they use to develop games and Devil May Cry 4 was developed with that same PC engine. Basically it branches out from there. You can have it on one central PC engine, and then make it compatible for the PS3 or the 360, so it's really just one workflow. So it really wasn't just that the PS3 was a hard-to-work with machine. Also, Capcom's operational goal was to release games on multiple platforms so that more players could actually play the games. Because the 360 is a popular console for both the North American market and Europe, it was natural for Capcom to branch out as well.

    GameSpy: Is there any validity to the PS3/360 performance comparisons?

    Kobayashi: I believe that the PS3 and the 360 are about the same level, they have the same specs. Leaving aside personal thoughts about each machine, I won't say that the PS3 or the 360 is above the other…It's about development, it's about the thing.
    Hiroyuki Kobayashi é o produtor de Devil May Cry 4.
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        Vai demorar um pouquinho até o poder do Playstation 3 ser completamente aproveitado, até lá compensa mesmo fazer os jogos multiplayer.