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  • Peter Moore sai da Microsoft e vai para a EA Sports

    * http://kotaku.com/gaming/confirmed/p...-in-279437.php

    Peter Moore Resigns, Mattrick Steps In


    Microsoft just confirmed the news we exclusively broke two hours ago: Peter Moore resigned from Microsoft.

    Moore will be replaced by Don Mattrick, a former president of EA and current external adviser for Microsoft, who will now lead the Interactive Entertainment Business for Microsoft. While the official release says that Moore "has decided to move his family back to the Bay Area for personal reasons and has secured another opportunity in the video games industry", we've heard that calls have already started going out within the industry confirming that the other "opportunity" is EA where he will head up EA Sports.

    When we last spoke with Moore, just a week ago, he was comfortable in his element but did seem a bit more haggard than usual, perhaps because of his back-breaking E3 schedule or perhaps because he had this on his mind. Moore will stay with Microsoft through August before returning to the San Francisco Bay area.

    The real question is when he will be getting those Madden cover-up tats. Hit the jump for the full on release.
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    Isso que dá cometer um erro de U$ 1,5 bilhões...