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  • Que fim deu o tal Sadness?

    Lembram? Pra wii e tal, todo em pb, meio de terror.

    E aí?

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    Bom, de onde você tirou essas fotos também tinha texto, você chegou a ler?

    Despite the fact that the game remains largely as mysterious as ever, we can't help but feel our excitement growing for Sadness. The Wiimote has offered players an ever-expanding means by which we can interact with in-game environments, but thus far the games announced for the system have not exactly taken advantage of this to its fullest potential. Sadness looks to be one of the first Wii games that fully utilizes the Wiimote in order to really make the player feel the game. Every action in the game will be performed completely intuitively and naturally, making the horrific scenario all the more immersive.

    No matter how excited for the title we are at this point, we are going to have to try to contain ourselves. Nibris has said that Sadness will not launch sooner than Q4 2007.