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  • Jackass: the game!

    Jackass is Official
    Red Mile brings MTV's hellraisers to videogames.

    May 23, 2007 - It was floating around retailer pre-order lists for ages and even had its own website, but after more than a year of silence, Red Mile Entertainment has finally announced that Jackass: The Game is coming to PS2, PSP and Nintendo DS this fall.

    Sidhe Interactive (GripShift) is handling production duties on both Sony platform versions, while Sensory Sweep Studios (Marvel Nemesis, Justice League Heroes) develops the DS edition.

    Classified as a "mission-based action/ adventure," Jackass takes its inspiration from the MTV television series and allows players to try out 35 different scenarios with digital incarnations of Steve-O, Johnny Knoxville, and the rest of the cast. However, word on the street is that Bam Margera didn't make the cut.

    So far, Red Mile has revealed two of the 35 scenarios -- avoiding traffic on the streets of San Francisco while in a garbage can and invading a country club with your golf cart in an effort to destroy every object you can find. "Detailed rag doll modeling, dynamic physics and stunts that are never the same" are among the reported features.

    Red Mile has also confirmed that the PSP version of the game will boast multiple extras including unlockable footage from the TV show, a "save replay" feature, and the ability to trade clips wirelessly with other PSP users. There's no word yet on what (if any) system-specific features will be included in the other versions.

    The first official screens of Jackass: The Game are available in the gallery below.

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    E provavelmente o Bam Margera não entrou aí porque ele tem um contrato com a Activision (ele aparece no Tony Hawk Underground).
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      Eu prefiro acreditar que será um jogo legal. Se fosse feito pela Rockstar já seria garantia de algo, mas eu espero que seja no mínimo razoável.


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        Tem que considerar que "bosta" ao falar de Jackass não necessariamente é algo ruim.